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Keep track of products

As a proactive measure to assist customers with managing a chain of vendors abroad, Vendor Management is an active intervention program, where 20Cube manages vendors within the specifications set by the customer and communicated in their Purchase Order files with SKU / Product search. Vendor Management monitors progress of a customer’s order, from issue of the Purchase Order until final delivery, carrying the widest range of fixed milestones and optional milestones, covering almost every aspect of a sophisticated modern supply chain.

Feedback is focused on all the key decision points of an Origin Cargo Management control process, offering active `trigger points` where 20Cube is empowered to take appropriate pre-planned actions. Because of this, performance metrics and milestone information are at their highest level.

Keep track of Purchase Orders products
True end to end visibility with up to 24 Tailored milestones
Smart Track - MyHub

True end to end visibility up to 24 Tailored milestones

MyHub provides industry leading visibility from order to delivery via its Smart Track module. In Smart Track a user can monitor estimated and actual details for a given purchase order, shipment or container. From the moment a purchase order is entered into the system, the customer can see every detail from the supplier follow up program, bookings, estimated and actual shipping schedule all the way through arrival and delivery. The information in MyHub is updated live in real time from a range of sources including 20Cube’s internal process management system.

Report - MyHub

Elevate your supply chain reporting with custom analytics

20Cube recognises the benefit in identifying opportunities for improvement in the supply chain with the use of innovative reporting and analysis. The power of MyHub’s detailed tracking and exception management capabilities provides the base for our reporting tools. Deep insights can be given into vendor compliance levels, supply chain efficiency and more.

Elevate your supply chain reporting with standard custom analytics
Be informed in control of container utilisation
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Be in control of container utilisation

As part of the Online Booking system, the customer is able to direct an approved booking to be consolidated with other cargo at origin to form a Buyers Consolidation. The feature, called Hold for Consol, improves container utilisation and optimises the freight cost. With the click of a button, the customer directs 20Cube to receive the cargo from the vendor, and hold the goods in our warehouse pending receipt of other shipments for the same destination. Optimised container load plans are prepared and the shipments are packed together to maximise the available space in each container.

Exception Engine - MyHub

Manage by Exception, save time, save money

When a customer shares their purchase order data, it gives 20Cube the ability to not only monitor the cargo readiness, but to engage in compliance management as well. If a customer shares the full order information, including Incoterms, product/SKU and quantities, then 20Cube is able to validate what cargo is booked against defined business rules. The MyHub system communicates any exceptions to the customer at destination, and the customer can approve or request the vendor to amend their booking. These exceptions can be tracked and reported on over time, creating a vendor scorecard to help identify and reduce indirect costs in the supply chain.

Manage by Email Exception, save time, save money
Complex Transparent Billing
Smart Track - MyHub

Transparent Billing

Documentation plays a critical role in the entire supply chain process and managing this can be quite cumbersome and time consuming. 20Cube’s MyHub system captures shipment related documentation from booking stage and throughout the supply chain. Documents are tagged to purchase order, shipment and container for ease of reference, and available for download from MyHub in their native format. 20Cube invoices are also available for download from MyHub

CTTV - Branch Monitoring Television

Service delivery is maintained with our live control tower

By utilising workflow software as the base, 20Cube have developed a Control Tower application that sits at the heart of our business driving compliance and identifying areas for improvement. This capability can be extended to our customers with the use of customised workflows allowing the customer to join us in journey towards supply chain excellence. The Control Tower monitors all processes and activities within 20Cube against configured Key Performance Indicators. Each activity is displayed in the Control Tower along with the current status of relevant open tasks and their details.

Service delivery is maintained with our live control tower
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