Warehouse in GangaNagar

The Green district of Rajasthan, Sri Ganganagar is a border city and is ideal for agro-commodities storage and for the supply chain of Agricultural machinery and spares.

At Ganga Nagar, the Third Party Logistics warehouse set up of Warehousing Express offers customized 3PL solutions, CFA and distribution, for the Telecom, Agricultural machinery and spares, Automotive, Pharma, Organic/Processed Food and Solar Sectors. We have a professional team to manage tailor-made logistics solutions to cater to complex and diversified business requirements.

Warehouse for hire/ rent/ lease in GangaNagar

Warehousing Express provides end to end third party logistics services for your business. Our warehouse on rent in GangaNagar has the state of art facilities to carry the logistics operations such as storage, transporting the goods from source to our Warehouse, Quality Check, Inward, Storage, Dispatch, Live Reports, Secondary Distribution and Transportation.

Warehouse for hire/ rent/ lease in GangaNagar is readily available with our WMS which provides real-time data access to our clients for their Inventory for all locations across WELPL locations and they can schedule the Daily MIS Reports on their emails as per their preferred timeline.

Our Warehouses/Godowns are strategically located close to and within accessible distance from cities and to support the long term storage needs.

Warehousing Express is a first choice service provider for customized 3PL, Warehousing, CFA and Transportation services across Rajasthan. We can also provide warehouse and transport services in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota and other locations in the state.

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