Contract Logistics

Warehousing Express understands & focuses on every aspect of a specific project. We aim for customized solutions to bridge the gaps between actual requirements Vs delivered services.

Customs Brokerage And Compliance

As per the market demands for the comprehensive and processes specific logistics services, our Contract Logistics offering is the ideal solution for companies wanting to monitor and manage their operations with live data access. As part of our warehousing solution, we offer the end to end activities like assembly and kitting services, including sorting, stuffing, tagging, labeling, packaging, bundling, strapping, shrink wrapping services etc.

With our far more comprehensive technology solutions that merge traditional logistics with supply chain management processes, where a 4PL (Fourth Party Logistics) enters the picture, a fourth stakeholder who is in charge of managing the supply chain, creating a value chain in which many different stakeholders play a role including the 3PL service providers. We also support the companies to comply with the national and state legislation and regulations to ensure compliance.

A new handling protocol (Contract Logistics) is established for a value chain where service has a direct impact on the outcome of the operation. This protocol addresses various areas like:

Production Line > Site Warehousing > Distribution Plan > Inventory Management > Final Distribution

Here are the key services offered by Warehousing Express for the supply chain "from start to finish":

Contract Management:-

  • Supplier Co-ordination
  • Access to goods from the production line
  • Specialized warehousing
  • Delivery and shipping of goods
  • Distribution to point of sale
  • Reverse logistics (post-sale and returns)

Quality Management:-

  • Binning & Inventory management
  • Crisis management
  • Vendor management
  • Just In Time /Kanban
  • Milkroute design management

Fulfillment services:-

  • Packing & Order processing
  • Sorting & Putaway
  • Quality check
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Store Replenishment
  • Dealer wise consolidation