Commodities storage

Warehousing Express’s Commodities Division offers an integrated commodity value chain, we provide the warehouse storage, collateral management, sample quality, pest control service and many more solutions as post-harvest services in the Agri Value Chain to a range of our stockholders like farmers, traders, corporates, banker funding & financial institutions etc. Our strategically located, technology connected warehouses are planned according to the specific needs, locations and requirements of the respective stakeholders. We focus on our mission "delivering quality services. We specialize in the most important functions of Commodities Trade Warehousing, Collateral Management, Quality certification, Fumigation and as well as Fund Management/Financing.

Customs Brokerage And Compliance

Wide Spread Warehouse Service Network

Most of our clients availing warehouse services are also availing of our transport services. Our best in the class warehouse, collateral management solutions, Quality checks & certifications, Fumigation and Trade finances are well known across India.

Our widespread network of modern, hi-tech and accredited storage facilities and warehouses is diversified across major states like (Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar etc.) and with tonnes of warehousing capacity. Our highest revenues come from Paddy, Rice, Wheat, Pulses and oilseeds. We store various other seasonal commodities as well.

We use information technology to strengthen operational control and co-ordinate distribution planning.

Here are the features of Warehousing Express’s commodities division offerings:

  • Well maintained warehouse facilities.
  • Cold storage warehouse.
  • Commodities Quality checks & approved Lab reports.
  • Certified Fumigation offerings.
  • All our warehouses are very well secured by 24*7 manned securities, CCTV, Fire Extinguishers etc.

As per our corporate social responsibility (CSR) we educate farmers about various preservation, storage and handling techniques. We support traders to identify the quality of season-specific seeds to harvest & reap multi-fold financial benefits.

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