Offering Unparalleled
Supply Chain Management &
Logistics Services.

Liladhar Pasoo is an acclaimed logistics solutions provider encompassing all the activities for services under one roof.

Liladhar Pasoo boasts of a global presence in about 170 countries worldwide and has successfully executed many prestigious projects and general cargo movements on door-to-door basis. From an established Customs House Agent in India, we have steadily grown to one of the first few renowned 360° logistics solutions provider. Developing innovative work solution at ease with in-depth market knowledge, seeking first to understand, then be understood is a hallmark of Liladhar Pasoo. Liladhar Pasoo finds its motivation in providing the best end to end services, around the globe.

  • Amazon
  • APL
  • Google
  • Emirates/
  • IBM
  • KLM
  • Cargo wise one
  • Singapore AirLines
  • Oracale
  • MSC
  • Savvion
  • Schneider Electric